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Bhaktraj Singh

Bhaktraj (Raj) Singh is an experienced business leader with over 25 years of expertise in real estate development, business services, and technology. He is based in Toronto and is passionate about addressing the need for Alzheimer’s residences in communities. His latest project, Adora Alzheimer’s Residence, aims to supplement the shortage of care facilities in Burlington, Ontario.

As the head of the Hazelton Group, Bhaktraj Singh has a proven track record of developing high-quality residential condos, including the Guildwood Condominiums. In leading Adora, he is committed to delivering the same level of excellence and attention to detail. Bhaktraj plans to oversee all aspects of the development to ensure that the residence will come with warmth and inclusivity for both residents and their families.

Adora’s vision is to recognize the unique value of each and every individual person, celebrate their accomplishments, and preserve the legacy of their loved ones. The team at Adora cares for each member of its community and is dedicated to treating them with the compassion, dignity, and respect they deserve. Bhaktraj and his company want to change how Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers are cared for, by building specialized, state-of-the-art residences and developing innovative programs in order to deliver the best care possible, based on each individual’s unique needs. Adora intends to accomplish this mission by hiring, training, and retaining the best, most compassionate, skilled, and dedicated staff to deliver unparalleled care for its residents. 

“This project means a lot to many families and me in Ontario who face this often debilitating illness. Watching your loved ones change right before your eyes and no longer have the capability to care for them, it can be a real challenge,” says Bhaktraj. “What I hope to achieve with this project is ensuring that many good people have the best possible care available so that they can live out the remainder of their lives with dignity and grace.”  

Bhaktraj Singh’s educational background includes a BSc. degree from York University, as well as an MBA degree from Florida International University. He also studied mergers and acquisitions at the Wharton School, a renowned business school and private Ivy League University. 


Q: What is the ultimate mission of Adora?

Bhaktraj Singh: Currently, our primary project is focused on the development and implementation of modern Alzheimer’s residences to address the growing need for Alzheimer’s and other dementia care in the city of Burlington Ontario. With an aging population and a greater number of those impacted by these diseases, now more than ever the city requires specialized caregivers to offer sufferers and their families the support that they need.

Q: What kind of amenities and specialized care does Adora provide and what sets it apart from other residences?

Bhaktraj Singh: Adora has been specifically designed to have all of the modern care amenities, training, and treatment required to provide the best possible care for its residences. Some of that includes around-the-clock supervision, meals, housekeeping, recreational programming, as well as various other holistic services. Our staff is fully trained to take care of our residents and have the ability to keep them safe and healthy.

Q: Does Adora offer other services such as recreational/social engagements?

Bhaktraj Singh: Adora offers a variety of recreational and social opportunities for our residents from arts and crafts, sensory stimulation, social engagements, as well as games and various events throughout the year. Our hope is that residents can benefit from both the medical support and the personal, sensory support that help provide their lives with fulfillment.

Q: What is the protocol for emergencies or medical situations that may arise?

Bhaktraj Singh: Staff are specially trained to handle all manner of emergencies in terms ofcaring for Alzheimer’s and dementia care patients. This includes possible behavioural emergencies and medical emergencies. Staff are also available 24/7 to monitor the safety and well-being of all of our residents.

Q: Is your care individualized for each resident?

Bhaktraj Singh: Yes, all of our services and programs are specifically catered to each individual based on their individual needs. Adora recognizes that not every resident requires the same care and that special considerations are required to make sure each resident receives the care that they need.

Q: What makes your Alzheimer's and dementia care facility different from others in the area?

Bhaktraj Singh: Adora has been developed to host all of the modern amenities required to provide the best possible experience for each resident, including state-of-the-art facilities. Adora is also intended to address the city’s current needs and lack of support for Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

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